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Lifeline Plus Plan - Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, 6GB High Speed Data!

Save money during these challenging times!

Save money without sacrificing service quality! Lifeline companies use the same towers as some of the major companies like T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon!

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We know losing or breaking your phone can happen at any time. Lifeline companies often have a high cost on their replacement phones. We provide low cost, brand name replacement phones to use with your Lifeline service.

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We are here to inform and assist you with anything regarding your Lifeline phone service! We work with many Lifeline companies. Reach out to us to help assist you in choosing the right path for you!

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Thank you for helping us get our free phone! It has been a hassle finding a tent and talking to someone who cares for people like you do! Omar was great!

Shelby Vasquez

I was looking for a replacement phone for my Truconnect service. Truconnect wanted $90 for a generic phone! I picked up an alcatel from Lifeline Phone Support, popped in my sim card and now im back online! Thank you Lifeline Phone Support!!!!


Found this company and inquired more information about Lifeline. They answered every single question I had and also sent me the self enrollment application to my email! They guided me through every step!

Jessica R